What is ITX?

ITX Non-ToxicITX® Original

ITX® Original-10 is a premier non-toxic alternative to lead that is safe for all shotgun barrels. Heightened density (10 g/cm³) and molded in 'belly band' for increased lethality.

ITX® Extreme - Turkey Trauma-13

ITX® Extreme - Turkey Trauma-13 Shot: With a density of 13 g/cm³, it is significantly denser than lead. Lead-free and non-toxic, it's the most lethal non-toxic ITX ever created.

ITX® Non-Toxic Shot can return you to your favorite hunting spots using traditional projectiles - whizbang-free! ITX® is non-toxic and has similar characteristics to lead. This means ITX® can perform like lead without harming the environment, or your shotgun.

Backridge Ammunition loads ITX-13 in #6, #4, and #2. Backridge Ammunition can load ITX-10 for specialty orders at this time.  Please inquire about available shot sizes in the ITX-10 shot family.

ITX® Shot Features: